Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be photographing/filming my wedding?

Dave or Joey. In most instances, they are able to shoot alone and deliver plenty of beautiful print-ready photos. If you would prefer a second shooter or if, due to logistics we recommend it, Mariah or another photographer/videographer colleague will join the crew.

Do you use a second shooter?

It depends. As stated above, we sometimes use a second shooter. We don’t always feel like it is necessary, but in some circumstances it is beneficial. A second shooter will result in more photos, and more angles of key moments. It’s definitely something to consider. If you are, keep in mind that we’ll need to pay that extra shooter (an additional cost will apply). :) Let’s chat about your specific situation, and we’ll be able to make a case-specific recommendation.

I’m getting married out of state; do you travel?

Heck yes! We love to travel. A small travel fee may apply to weddings outside of central Iowa, but give us a call to talk pricing. You will be surprised at how feasible and reasonable it can be to bring us to your wedding.

How many edited photos will I receive?

We work hard to narrow it down to the very best pictures for you. If we gave you everything we shot, it would be very overwhelming. Keep in mind the total amount will vary by how many hours we get to hang out with you. The longer we’re together, the more awesome shots you’re going to receive! And yes, everything we give you will be edited and ready to print. :)

When will my photos/video be ready?

We aim to have them ready for you within 30 days! However, during our busy season it may take a bit longer. We’ll keep you informed if that’s the case.

Do you choose the music for your videos?

That is totally up to you – we like to leave music selection open to the couple. After all, who knows what songs best represent your love better than the two of you? We usually ask for you to send us a few songs you like and we’ll choose from that selection to find the best fit for the footage and the feel of the day. Sometimes couples prefer to give us complete freedom to choose the tunes, and we love that option, too. It’s a win-win either way!

Do you do formal family portraits?

Yes, of course! You won’t normally see them in our portfolio because we treasure the authenticity of candid moments. However, we totally understand that weddings are unique opportunities to capture your entire family at one go. This is something we’ll hash out together when preparing for your big day (see below). ;)

How much time should we allot for formal photos?

Great question! This all depends how many photos you want. First, make a list of every formal photo you want. We will happily shoot every photo you request. We also like to make this process easier for you, so here are a few handy guidelines.

A good rule of thumb is to know which photos you will actually frame, and what you want them to look like. Just because certain group poses are traditional, doesn’t mean they best represent your bridal party or families. Don’t be afraid to nix standard options. Bonus idea: when you’re with your best friend, your favorite cousin, etc. throughout the day just let us know and we’ll snap a photo right then and there. We do this often, and it results in photos that are a little less formal, a lot more fun, and that still look gorgeous. You’ll have those specific groupings, but with a personal twist.

Once you’ve nailed your list down, add about two minutes per photo (add five minutes for large groups). Now, these timings are approximations based on our past experiences. When in doubt, give yourself more time than you think you need. More time means less stress when someone is running behind (honestly, it’s probably going to happen). Plus it never hurts to have a few extra minutes to chill if we finish up the formals early!

Do you have backup plans?

Yes. As media professionals we know the importance of backup solutions. We always bring extra equipment, so even if there is an unfortunate malfunction we can still sail smoothly through your day. We also back up all of your photos and footage digitally so that you can be sure this once-in-a-lifetime event will be preserved.

How do we book you?

Yay! We’re so happy you want to work together! Shoot us an email [here]. Let us know as much about your wedding plans as you can. We’d love to meet with you before you book us, and if you’re out of state let’s chat by phone! We’ll write up a contract after our meeting. All we need to hold your date is a signed contract and a 20% non-refundable deposit. The remaining balance is due one week prior to your wedding date. Let’s get started!