Booking Your Wedding

Step One – Contact Us

Let your gaze sweep to the right and you’ll see three easy ways to get in touch: fill in the form, email us, or give us a ring.

A couple of things: we need to know the date, if possible, so we can ensure our availability. Also, let us know what offerings you’re interested in (wedding photography, video, desserts, wedding planning & event design, vintage rentals, etc.). The more specific you are, the more precise we can be in our custom quote.

This isn’t just about us, though. We love getting to know the people we work with! We want to hear about – and get excited about – you and your wedding. Also, feel free to ask any questions, we’re happy to answer them all!

Step Two – Meet

Step two is when we can hit up a local coffee shop, or hop on the phone, and chat about all things related to your big day. We can straight up get down to the details and specifics, or we can keep it casual and save the nitty gritty for after signing contracts. This is the fun part, where the ball really starts to roll.

Fun fact: you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day. Better make sure it’s a comfortable fit, right?

Step Three – Confirm

We’re big fans of sleeping on it, so whenever you’re ready let us know if you want to move forward. At that point, we’ll fill out some papers to make it legit.

Step Four – Wedding Day!

Things will go exactly as planned on the wedding day, as they always do (wink).

In all seriousness, though, we truly do everything we can to ensure that our part in your day goes as smoothly as possible.