Motion Films

Motion films (videos) are a passion of ours and, cliche as it may sound, a unique way of capturing your day and reliving it for years to come. Instead of turning your wedding day into production day, we like to take a background approach that allows everyone to relax, hang out, and have fun while we capture the natural flow of the day.

We think it’s important for you to know that we’re not going to turn your wedding into our production studio; we are there to record your magic moments as they occur (trust us, they always do). Your love is genuine and your story is one of a kind. We believe in making motion films that relay the countless little somethings specific to you and yours.

Engagement Videos

Videos aren’t just for your wedding day. We love shooting motion films alongside of, or in lieu of, engagement photos. The energy during this part of your love story brings a vibrancy that translates beautifully through the motion film format. Plus, a lot of our couples have found that this short form video works excellently as a save-the-date announcement.

Super 8mm

Super 8mm film carries a beautiful vintage look that is often mimicked but never truly reproduced; a perfect mix of warm hues, rich saturation, and thick grain. Random film oddities and limited film-reel lengths make this format exciting to work with and always produces a fantastically unique short film. If you’re not familiar with this format, you must take a look at some of our examples below. We’re positive you’ll appreciate the timeless quality that Super 8mm inevitably brings to the table.

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Wedding day motion films and videography packages start at $2,500

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